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April 04,2020
Home Bound

Well, I’m still home bound, because of COVID-19.  As the news everywhere is not very good with this disease, it’s the best thing to do.   I’ve only been out a couple of times since mid-March for a few essentials.    With the exception of going out for walks nearly every day, I guess this is the new normal.   Also, because this darn virus spreads like wildfire, I’ll stay in this mode and keep social distancing.

For now, while I’m home bound, I’m trying to stay creative.  I am painting a fair bit and as you can see, last week I posted one of my finished paintings.  However, I don’t think art is on the top of everyone’s mind these days.  Now, though, while home bound, I still think it’s good to keep creative and stay occupied.  Although eventually, and if we haven’t already, we’re all going to get some form of “cabin fever”.

Thank you, again, to all the essential-service, front-line and health-care workers!!!

Stay safe.  Keep creative.  Thanks!

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